How to Deal with Jealousy


The Effects of Jealousy


If you are unlucky enough to experience jealousy, then you may well be familiar with the feelings of shame, lack of control, frustration and anxiety that accompany it, as well as the doubts about whether your jealous suspicions may or may not be true.


Often jealousy leads people to take steps which they regret such as:

You may be at a loss as to how to control these actions and deal with your feelings, but there are practical steps you can take.


Jealousy in Relationships


Jealousy in a relationship usually arises because of insecurity for one of two reasons:

Jealousy and You


If you are feeling jealous, it is likely that you have:

CBT and Jealousy


CBT, otherwise known as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, is a method for dealing with difficult thoughts and feelings which uses practical ideas to help you start to change the way you think and feel for the better.


Jealousy often involves distorted thinking patterns or perceptions or getting things out of proportion.


CBT techniques offer a way of helping you to deal with jealousy. They will involve you reflecting on:

Using CBT you will then be encouraged to think about what your options are for doing things differently and how you can deal with the negative or jealous thoughts in a pragmatic way.


CBT techniques for dealing with jealousy are practical. They do not offer a mythical quick solution or an instant fix and they are not psychotherapy. They are just simple practical methods for helping you to act sensibly and regain control.


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